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dafuq when the last time I said I'll dump my LJ and back after done with my real life problem. I really dump it for 4 years!! I actually still blogging. . . but beauty stuff. Its a stress release as I can't fandoming for this past 4years!! *cries* I don't have a decent connection like, 5Giga/months? wtf 5Giga worth about 2episodes of KAT-TUN's live concert. But now my college almost done and I have *at least* better connection I'll try to keep up with all of this J-Pop, J-Drama, Otome Games and such <33


Its been a long time since I updated my journal. I also deleted some entries because I want to change it. I'll make this LJ of mine as a graphics and fandoming journal. Why? because I hope I can improve my languages and photoshop ability by that. Some private will be post on my other journal. Update coming soon after I finish several problem in my real life. I have full schedule for examination this month T_T